From popular challenging tracks, to unknown flowy trails, we would like to share our passion and knowledge of trails with you. Having biked a lot ourselves, we have become very well known with what the west has to offer. Therefore we can take you on trails that suit your liking.

Besides a big variety of trails, western Norway is also very suited for roadbiking. With awe-inspiring views into the fjords, over lakes and through glacial valleys, there are roads – big and small – to suit the desires of road bikers. We love biking in all of its aspects, so please get in touch with us if you’re wondering about roadbiking in the west, or guided trips.

                 Our goal is to provide quality for every rider, we therefore prefer small groups to avoid level-inequality.


Prices count per person:

Up to 2 hours: 400 NOK
Half day: 700 NOK
Full day: 1000 NOK

Flytstiar i Bømoen og omgjevnad
Rundtur i den grøne sløyfa